Testing for the 4.4p1 release

Iain Morgan imorgan at nas.nasa.gov
Sat Sep 23 10:15:57 EST 2006

Sometime ago, Darren Tucker wrote:
> On Fri, Sep 01, 2006 at 12:14:49PM -0700, Iain Morgan wrote:
> > I haven't had time to deal with the regression tests yet. The protocol 1
> > tests always seem to be a problem with IRIX. (I reported this once quite
> > a while ago, but did not have the time to investigate.) In the past,
> > I've hacked the scripts to only test protocol 2, in which case
> > everything (that we care about) is fine.
> Hi.
> This is a long shot, but when you attempt to use Protocol 1, does the
> known_hosts file entry consist mainly of zeros?  eg,

Yes! I guess I never took a close look at the entry, but it has several
long sequneces of 0's in it. 
> If so, if you build OpenSSL 0.9.7k with the attached patch, does
> OpenSSL's "make tests" pass?  If they don't, then it's probably some
> kind of problem with OpenSSL (rt #1395).
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Unfortunately, I have to leave in a few minutes and have not had a
chance to test this. I'll get to it early on Monday and let you know.

Iain Morgan

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