Modifying OpenSSH

Jaideep Padhye jdthebigj at
Fri Aug 31 07:02:22 EST 2007

I'm a research student and I need to modify openSSH in
a way that I can implement my algorithm in it. My
algorithm mostly involves buffering the packets which
are received by the user using some formula to remove
the timing information in packets. Also the second
part is to encapsulate SSH packets into RTP packets
while communicating with a modified SSH server. The
client embeds SSH packets as RTP payload and on the
other end the server decodes it and does the process
vice-versa. I need guidance regarding following

1] Which is they best way to try and understand the
openSSH source code for implementing the buffering? My
idea is to use the same buffers which SSH uses by
controlling when I enqueue and dequeue packets. 

2] Can anybody point out to a set of files which I
should be first looking at for implementing these

3] I have already read the RFC but i'm interested in
finding out if there is any other way to figure out
how a certain application works? I tried using the
sshd logs to understand the program flow but it is not
helping much. I'm not a experienced programmer and I'm
still trying figure out my way in the open source



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