Installation difficulties

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Your best bet is to just install the OpenSSH version that comes with
Cygwin instead of trying to build it yourself - the maintainers of that
package are very good about keeping it up to date with the latest
portable release. And in case you ever need to post to the Cygwin list,
Cygwin is "an emulation layer providing substantial POSIX system call
functionality" which provides "a Linux-like environment for Windows" -
it ain't Linux or a Linux emulator, and calling it that tends to get
you chewed out by some other people on the Cygwin list.

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I am trying to install openssl-0.9.8 for my linux emulator, Cygwin.

There is a file named config in the directory.  When I execute,
./config, I get the following output:

Operating system: i686-whatever-cygwin
Configuring for Cygwin
Operating system: i686-whatever-cygwin
Configuring for Cygwin
Configuring for Cygwin
    no-camellia     [default]  OPENSSL_NO_CAMELLIA (skip dir)
    no-gmp          [default]  OPENSSL_NO_GMP (skip dir)
    no-krb5         [krb5-flavor not specified] OPENSSL_NO_KRB5
    no-mdc2         [default]  OPENSSL_NO_MDC2 (skip dir)
    no-rc5          [default]  OPENSSL_NO_RC5 (skip dir)
    no-rfc3779      [default]  OPENSSL_NO_RFC3779 (skip dir)
    no-seed         [default]  OPENSSL_NO_SEED (skip dir)
    no-shared       [default] 
    no-tlsext       [default]  OPENSSL_NO_TLSEXT (skip dir)
    no-zlib         [default] 
    no-zlib-dynamic [default] 
CC            =gcc
-DL_ENDIAN -fomit-frame-pointer -O3 -march=i486 -Wall
EX_LIBS       =
CPUID_OBJ     =x86cpuid-cof.o
BN_ASM        =bn86-cof.o co86-cof.o
DES_ENC       =dx86-cof.o yx86-cof.o
AES_ASM_OBJ   =ax86-cof.o
BF_ENC        =bx86-cof.o
CAST_ENC      =cx86-cof.o
RC4_ENC       =rx86-cof.o
RC5_ENC       =r586-cof.o
MD5_OBJ_ASM   =mx86-cof.o
SHA1_OBJ_ASM  =sx86-cof.o s512sse2-cof.o
RANLIB        =true
ARFLAGS       =
PERL          =perl
DES_PTR used
DES_RISC1 used
RC4_INDEX mode
RC4_CHUNK is undefined

Then the complaint:

'make' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable
program or batch file.

Do you have any suggestions?  (I don't care which version of ssh I
install - I just need to have ssh capability)


Cecily Glissman

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