priotc text hp-ux renicer program (new version 1.5)

enrique moliner enrique.moliner at
Mon Jan 8 19:17:42 EST 2007


Author: Enrique Moliner Martinez, from Zaragoza (Spain)

version 1.5 (2/1/2007) with FREE_ENDUSER license
version 1.4.a have a bug, only if missing config label values.

Automatic HP-UX pid renicer and serializer
For use in HP-9000 (others?) unix systems with 'HP-UX'  B.10.20 or higher

This is an 'automatic renicer' program:
Get variable CPU time to pids depending on defined nice-value and
names or patterns in configuration file, by once renice if matching:

-At startup, priotc renice all pids to defined nice.
.When priotc is already running, watch ONLY for renice NEW pids
 or equal pid if a change in command-name or program-name is
 detected (like occurs in an exec command).
 Then, at any time, any nice value or serialize is valid by manually
 'renicer', 'serialize' user commands and the hp-ux restrictions.

This is also an 'automatic serializer program:
Serialize a pid with nice >= that defined in configuration file
if actually low free pages in the system.

-For system performance, all serialized pids run togheter in a 
 sequential no timeshare cpu use, only if hp-ux detect low free
 pages. If enough pages, serialized pids run also timeshare.
 Priotc serialize pids with high nice value (run slow)
 >=that defined nice for serialize in the configuration file.


This FREE ENDUSER license:

-Is free unloaded with the source program
-This program (source/executable) can be distributed ONLY in
 original form and ever completely free.
.This program only can be modified for internal use, and in this case
 can not be distributed. The modified program ever must show the
 program author name (initial credits).
-The documentation can be modified and distributed, ever free and
 with the reference of the program author name.



priotc.c                         source code
rutinas.h                       include file 
priotc.cfg.example      configuration file example
priotc.comp                 for compiling priotc
priotc.doc                    documentation file
priotcv.log                    log example
priotc.ver                      versions (read before installing)


Download bellow if you accept free_enduser license:
Backup your old version before load this version.


Report bugs to cmolimar at





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