Call for release testing.

Darren Tucker dtucker at
Thu Mar 1 23:54:14 EST 2007

Hi All.

We are planning on doing one of our regular OpenSSH releases (4.6/4.6p1) 
some time next week.  This is a mostly a bugfix release, but there is 
one new feature:

sshd now allows the enabling and disabling of authentication methods on 
a per user, group, host and network basis via the Match directive in 

The bugs fixed are:

#52	ssh hangs on exit.
#1252	sftp returns 0 when upload is unsuccessful due to a full device.
#1259	small typos in ssh-rand-helper(8).
#1265	SCP progress doesn't map to standard out or standard error.
#1275	Config parsing (parse_time) in Host: context acts globally.
#1281	getrrsetbyname() does not check the presence of SIG records.
#1283	findssl assumes existence of 'which'.
#1267	PermitOpen - Multiple forwards don't works

plus many more small fixes and man page tweaks.  Thanks to all who 

More detail may be found in the ChangeLog in the portable OpenSSH

The OpenBSD version is available in CVS HEAD:

Portable snapshots are available at:
or one of its mirrors listed at

Running the regression tests supplied with Portable does not require
installation and is a simply:

$ ./configure && make tests

Testing on suitable non-production systems is also appreciated.
Please send reports of success or failure to
openssh-unix-dev at


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