Incorporating code from sftp-glob.c into lftp

warren smith warren.m.smith at
Wed Nov 21 03:37:17 EST 2007

As you might know, LFTP is a popular FTP/SFTP command-line client for
most systems. One feature that is lacking from this tool is the
ability to do a globbed ls via sftp. I have a patch ready for LFTP
that incorporates some of the knowledge [like oddball systems glob()
handling] and some of the code from sftp-glob.c for this tool to add
this capability. I do, however, have some questions about license
issues before I submit the patch to the lftp developers. LFTP is GPL
licensed, and openssh is BSD licensed. Is it kosher to incorporate the
code into lftp or should I start over from a clean room

Any help is appreciated,


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