[PATCH] one-time ssh-agent confirmation password

paul sery pgsery at swcp.com
Thu Nov 22 16:59:46 EST 2007

The patch (against 4.7p1) modifies gnome-ssh-askpass to optionally 
generate a one-time
password and transmits it to the user via an out-of-band communication 
channel. If you can
read the password and enter it back into the gnome-ssh-askpass dialog, 
ssh-agent is allowed
to continue with the authentication process.

There are two ways to use the modified gnome-ssh-askpass. The first 
incrementally increases
the security provided by the traditional ssh-agent/gnome-ssh-askpass 
combination. The second
allows you to create two fully separated authentication factors - the 
private key and one-time
password - without using a specialized hardware token. Both are 
described in the attached
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