interrupt remote command bug?

Glemboski, Mark A mark.glemboski at
Wed Nov 21 07:44:39 EST 2007

Env: Solaris 8/10, openssh-4.2p1

If I invoke the following remote command:
	ssh remoteHost "tail -f /var/adm/messages"

then interrupt the command locally via Ctrl-C, the local ssh
is terminated, but the signaled interrupt is not propagated to
the remote command. The remote sshd abandons the spawned program,
leaving the 'tail' running forever.

I know I can workaround this behavior by using 'ssh -t' to invoke
the remote command, forcing the creation of a controlling terminal.

Shouldn't the default behavior of ssh be to terminate the
remote command when it's terminated locally?

Please point me to a rational for this behavior.

Mark Glemboski

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