undocumented scp server-side arguments -dft

Thomas Baden lindysandiego at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 28 04:52:39 EST 2007

Hi Bob,

--- Bob Proulx <bob at proulx.com> wrote:
> I don't know why you are wishing to use those
> options but I am sure
> that better and more standard ways exist to
> accomplish the task
> without using undocumented options.

I have an example.  a shell script executes the

scp -i magickey somefile someuser at somehost:something

the .authorized_keys file for someuser on somehost has
a command override to execute a script file.

the script file on somehost creates a temporary
directory (using $$ perhaps) then executes scp -t
thatdirectory.  When the scp -t finishes, the script
does some processing on the received files, perhaps
even sending error messages to stderr.


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