OpenSSH in an ARM Linux Board

Darren Tucker dtucker at
Thu Oct 4 06:53:44 EST 2007

BecaSuNo wrote:
> Hi all, I'm working in a project where I need to make a remoting
> control of  Linux based ARM board (iMX1 from Freescale). I think
 > OpenSSH would be a good solution, but I have a little problem.
> As you know, normally there's no X framework in an embedded device,
 > and I work using DirectFB to make my graphical apps. The question is:
 > is there any chance to work with OpenSSH but not using X framework?

OpenSSH doesn't do much special for X other than provide a way for X 
clients and servers to talk over the encrypted channel.

> I know I can work by console, but I need to see what's happening in my TFT screen.

Have you considered something like VNC for your framebuffer?  That can 
be tunneled over SSH pretty easily and would seem better suited to your 

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