Patch: open port forwards from slave

maf at maf at
Tue Oct 30 16:55:17 EST 2007

We run ssh from a program and needed to add port-forwards dynamically.
The ~C method turns out to be very cumbersome to use since it reads from
/dev/tty. But then I came to think of the master/slave functionality
(which we already used) which seemed a perfect place for this
functionality. Unfortunately it turned out not to be possible to set up
new port forwards in a slave.

So I patched openssh to make it possible to add port forwards via a
slave process. This is done by creating a new command which can be sent
over the control connection (SSHMUX_COMMAND_FORWARD). The patch against
openssh current can be downloaded (13K) from:

I would be happy if other people found it useful and if it could make it
into the official distribution.

Martin Forssen <maf at>              Development Manager
Phone: +46 31 7744361                         AppGate Network Security AB

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