Patch: open port forwards from slave

Damien Miller djm at
Tue Oct 30 17:52:51 EST 2007

On Tue, 30 Oct 2007, maf at wrote:

> We run ssh from a program and needed to add port-forwards dynamically.
> The ~C method turns out to be very cumbersome to use since it reads from
> /dev/tty. But then I came to think of the master/slave functionality
> (which we already used) which seemed a perfect place for this
> functionality. Unfortunately it turned out not to be possible to set up
> new port forwards in a slave.
> So I patched openssh to make it possible to add port forwards via a
> slave process. This is done by creating a new command which can be sent
> over the control connection (SSHMUX_COMMAND_FORWARD). The patch against
> openssh current can be downloaded (13K) from:
> I would be happy if other people found it useful and if it could make it
> into the official distribution.


Thanks for this, it seems to implement the approach that I'd planned but
haven't had time to do myself. I'll try to get it in for the 4.8 release.

To make sure it doesn't get lost, could you please attach this patch to
the bug at:

Before you submit it, it would be best if you could review it in light of
the style guide[1] - I noticed that it uses spaces instead of tabs and
doesn't do indenting quite the same way as the existing code.



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