sshd gets stuck: select() in packet_read_seqnr waits indefinitely

Damien Miller djm at
Mon Sep 17 11:09:11 EST 2007

On Sun, 16 Sep 2007, Matt Day wrote:

> Hi,
> The fix for this bug which I reported and helped fix back in March:
> wash't included in the OpenSSH 4.7 release.
> Was there a problem with the fix? It has been running on my system
> for months, and has successfully avoided the problem 15 times.

Moral of the story: patches not in Bugzilla get missed. Darren or Matt:
could you please file a bug for this at and
attach the latest version of the patch? I don't see any reason why this
shouldn't make 4.8.

On a related note, OpenSSH -current (*) extends ConnectTimeout to cover
both the initial TCP connection and banner exchange, so another point at
which connections can indefinitely stall is removed.


(*) It's definitely in OpenBSD CVS, but I'm not sure if the change has
    been synced to the portable repository yet

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