how to test the performance of modified openssh

Ian jonhson jonhson.ian at
Thu Jan 10 15:53:08 EST 2008

> When Chris and I were testing the HPN patch we downloaded 5 or so different
> versions and compiled them all in their directories. We then launched them
> against each other by calling them on their paths. (Building some scripts to
> do this) There are some tricks to this though. For example you must call
> sshd with a full path name, not relative. Another is that when you scp
> remotely to an sshd that you executed like /home/user/opensshd-xxx/sshd the
> scp binary that is launched remotely is going to be the system one and not
> the one in that directory.

I have solved the problems, and guaranteed that client and server
would run openssh
with specified version.

> As for metrics that you want to look for the two big things you want to
> attack are latency and throughput.

How to measure the latency and throughput? Are there any tools or
samples to do these?

I ever thought about openssh applications such as BLAST, etc, because
I can compare the performance of its applications between modified openssh
and original one. However, the method maybe is not enough, since only one
application is used to testing. I need more classical and
representative applications
to show the difference.

> If you want to be complete with your
> testing test both ssh interactive, piping something over ssh, scp, and sftp.

Technologically, testing of interaction and piping something with ssh,
scp and sftp
should finally turn down to quantity to illuminate comparison. But what sample
data should be used and what methodology is adopted is main problem in my

I would like to know whether someone had worked in this topic in developers.
And how to deal with it in early version? Are there any rules I should obey?

Thanks again,


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