how to test the performance of modified openssh

Chris Rapier rapier at
Tue Jan 15 02:56:49 EST 2008

> Chris: make sure you have clientloop.c rev 1.171.  There's a latent bug 
> that sets the max packet size to nonsensically large values for remote 
> port forwards, which may or may not be affecting you.

Thanks for the hint. I'll check what my revs are and recompile.
> I've also done the "time ssh server true" thing Ben suggested when 
> looking at things that potentially change the connection establishment 
> time (not that common, but things like Diffie-Hellman tweaks, random 
> reseeding or the recent protocol 1 ephemeral server key thing).

I'm just curious but do any of the authentication procedures, aside from 
interactive ones, have more challenge response or data exchanges than 
any of the others? In quite a few situations RTT is going to have an 
overwhelming effect on perceived performance.

> The catch is that if your authentication require user interaction then 
> you have a massive extra variable which you would need to account for.

Users suck.


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