Problem in RSA Key authentication

kannappan kannappan at
Tue Jun 10 21:20:31 EST 2008

Hello Darren,

There were problems with the permission in accessing the home folder
(/root).  With other users I am able to connect with the RSA key.

Thanks for the inputs.


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kannappan wrote:
> Hello Damien,
> I am using OpenSSH-5.0 on my ARM board.  I want to perform RSA
> authentication, but server is not accepting the key generated by the
> client. I have copied the authorized_keys in the "$HOME/.ssh/" folder
> and provided permission (755) to that folder.  Please help me how to
> solve this problem.
> Following is the log from the client

The log that is likely to have useful information is on the server.  Try

  running sshd in debug mode (eg "/path/to/sshd -ddd -p 222" and point 
your client at port 222).

The usual cause of pubkey not being accepted is the permissions of the 
.ssh/ directory (which you mention you have checked) and the permissions

of the user's home directory (which you didn't mention).

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