Inconsistency with the option for defining the destination port

Darren Tucker dtucker at
Fri Jun 13 04:28:12 EST 2008

Dennis Winter wrote:
> Why is there an inconsistency with the option for the destionation port.
> ssh -p <port> ...
> scp -P <port> ...
> sftp -P <port> ...
> For scp it is neccessary to be "-P" ( Quote: " Note that this option is
> written with a capital 'P', because −p is already reserved for preserving
> the times and modes of the file in rcp(1)." ).
> Also sftp uses already "-P", but ssh, still only supports/uses the small
> case. For Consistency with sftp and scp wouldn't it be best to add  "-P" as
> a synonym.

ssh -P is already used for the (deprecated) privileged port option.

If you want consistency, -oport=N works everywhere.

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