ssh works, but sftp doesn't

kannappan kannappan at
Sat May 10 17:17:33 EST 2008

Hello Damien,

It worked with the openssh-5.0p1, with "internal-sftp" in sshd_config.

Thanks for the support.


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On Fri, 9 May 2008, kannappan wrote:

> Hi Damien,
> Yeap. I am able to execute that command(sftp -P /usr/sbin/sftp-server
> for any users.

Sorry, I don't have any idea what is going wrong. Some more things
for you to try:

1. Run sftp server directly from a ssh client, what happends?
   ssh yourhost /usr/sbin/sftp-server

2. Change the SubSystem declaration in the server to point to a 
   different program instead of /usr/sbin/sftp-server and repeat
   test #1 - does this work?

3. Rebuild OpenSSH from pristine sources (making sure you are using the
   latest version - 5.0). Does this help?

4. Rebuild sftp-server and insert a sleep() call at the start so you
   can attach a debugger to it. 

5. Try the new sshd_config "internal-sftp" subsystem (in openssh-5.0).


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