Bug+bugfix in sftp-server : failed to rename file on sshfs mount

Ben Lindstrom mouring at eviladmin.org
Thu Nov 6 06:58:52 EST 2008

Without seeing the patch I can't judge it.

However, why is sshfs failure to implement things right an OpenSSH bug?

BTW you may want to file it with http://bugzilla.mindrot.org/  so it  
doesn't get lost as well (or at least skim the open and closed bugs on  
the rename() and link() discussions.

- Ben

On Nov 5, 2008, at 12:26 PM, Johan Kielbaey wrote:

> Hello,
> Renaming a file via sftp on an sshfs mount resulted in a failure with
> errorcode 38 (ENOSYS).
> This is reproducable with openssh release 4.9p1 & 5.1p1 in combination
> sshfs 2.2 (latest releases). Investigation revealed that sshfs only
> implements the rename()-call and not the link()-call (used by
> sftp-server).
> Attached is a patch to perform the rename()-call upon a failed link().
> The patch is against openssh-5.1p1.
> Kind regards,
> Johan
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