openssh on interix

Martin Koeppe mkoeppe at
Wed Nov 12 21:42:31 EST 2008

On Tue, 11 Nov 2008, Douglas E. Engert wrote:

>>> If the sshd could use the GSSAPI and delegated credentials, it might
>>> be possible to pass the Kerberos ticket into the LSA.  This could give
>>> you single sign on.
>>> I believe with a registry setting, the Kerberos for Windows can do
>>> something like this. You might want to ask on the kerberos at list
>>> From within the interix environment the only way to contact the LSA is 
>> over the built-in interix kerrnel functions like setuser(). Interix 
>> programs don't have access to the Win32 API.
> But you did say that you wanted "newtwork access rights. i.e. no access
> to a network home dir". I took that to imply that the Intrex is using the
> underlying Windows file systems and that it uses the username and password
> via the setuser() to get Widows credentials. The other way to get credentials
> is to to pass in a Kerberos TGT, and I think Vista can allow this and KfW
> can use it. So Intrix should be able to do this too.

This would be a really good solution, but interix doesn't have any 
alternative for setuser(). So Kerberos can't be used.
See here for more details:
The poster Rodney is not an MS guy, but he wrote several core parts of 
interix before MS bought it.

Corinna Vinschen wrote:

> This is all the same problem Cygwin's port to OpenSSH has. 
> However, on Interix/SUA the user can store the password in the 
> registry using the `regpwd' tool.  I have no idea how the password 
> is stored and how to access it from privileged Interix processes, 
> though.  Isn't there some documentation?  Or is the password only 
> accessible by daemons created by Microsoft's developers?  Maybe you 
> should try asking this on the MS newsgroup dedicated to SUA:
>   microsoft.public.servicesforunix.general

The password is accessible from non-MS tools, too. Rodney has build an 
(closed source) openssh which uses private keys and finally the regpwd 
stored passwords.

But: I currently don't need fully passwordless logins. I would be 
happy to login with password and automatically get network share 
access, similar to when logging in to a windows box locally on the 
glass. The only thing to be done for that is transferring the password 
to permanently_set_uid() within sshd. (I tested this successfully with 
a fixed password compiled into permanently_set_uid().) I think it 
would be overkill to call regpwd in auth_passwd() and then retrieve 
the password in permanently_set_uid() again. I would write a patch for 
openssh for official inclusion, but I'm not familiar with the overall 
design of openssh to know how to do it correctly. So any help there 
would be appreciated.


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