openssh on interix

Martin Koeppe mkoeppe at
Sun Nov 23 12:39:02 EST 2008

On Wed, 12 Nov 2008, Martin Koeppe wrote:

> Corinna Vinschen wrote:
>> This is all the same problem Cygwin's port to OpenSSH has. However, on 
>> Interix/SUA the user can store the password in the registry using the 
>> `regpwd' tool.  I have no idea how the password is stored and how to access 
>> it from privileged Interix processes, though.  Isn't there some 
>> documentation?  Or is the password only accessible by daemons created by 
>> Microsoft's developers?  Maybe you should try asking this on the MS 
>> newsgroup dedicated to SUA:
>>   microsoft.public.servicesforunix.general
> The password is accessible from non-MS tools, too. Rodney has build an 
> (closed source) openssh which uses private keys and finally the regpwd stored 
> passwords.

The regpwd stored passwords are stored in the same (Windows standard) 
way as e.g. Dial-in passwords or service account passwords are stored, 
i.e. under:


In Interix in security.h there are setsecret() and getsecret() 
available for storing and retrieving the passwords. There is also a 
man page for these 2 functions.

The tool Cain from may be helpful, too.


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