Alleged OpenSSH vulnerability

Roger No-Spam roger_no_spam at
Wed Nov 19 02:22:04 EST 2008

Hi,There is an alleged OpenSSH vulnerability, see to this vulnerability an attacker can potentially recover 32 bits of plaintext from an arbitrary block of ciphertext.
After having read the vulnerability note in more detail, my understanding is that the 32 bits of plaintext do not come from the exchange between the client and server of the attacked connection, but comes from random data inserted into the connection by the attacker. This means that no cleartext data is revealed from the connection. The only 'vulnerability' that I can see in this scenario is that the attacker would get 4 bytes of known cipher and cleartext that in turn could be used to facilitate crypto analysis (i.e. breaking the key of the 'real' connection). Does anyone know how much help 4 bytes would give in the crypto analysis?I'm a bit surprised that I cannot find any severity info for this vulnerability. To me, this vulnerability appears a bit theoretical and academic and should not pose any real threat to most users./RogerPS. Not sure if this is the appropriate forum. If questions like should be sent somewhere else, please let me know.
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