problem logging to AIX server

Peter Stuge peter at
Wed Nov 19 18:17:26 EST 2008


Ehab ahmed wrote:
> Hello,
> we have the following problem when trying to ssh to our AIX server (it
> happens some times)
> **
> *sshd[507944]: mkstemp(): Do not specify an existing file.*
> **
> this is the version of ssh we have
> openssh.base.server  COMMITTED  Open Secure Shell Server
> the AIX  version is 5.3 TL6 SP5
> any ideas about the source of this problem

It seems to be an implementation deficiency in the AIX libc that
provides mkstemp().

If you haven't already studied what mkstemp() is used for, it is
supposed to create temporary files with guaranteed unique filenames
using a method guaranteed to be free of race conditions. Apparently
that is not the case in your system.

Complain to IBM.


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