ssh in small devices

Goran Hasse gorhas at
Sun Sep 21 04:10:17 EST 2008

Dear Sirs,

This must have been asked before but I don't find and FAQ around
dealing with the issue.

We are building small devices that connects to Internet (
The next generation of this we
want to base on AVR32 and run a small slimmed version of Linux. We
have som program on this device that
we want to connect to servers out on Internet. SSL seems to be "quite
heavy" for this simple task. We just want
a fairly good sequre channel and we are investigating if SSH could do
the job. BUT wat we would realy like is to
embedd the SSH protocol *into* our applications. The devices could and
should not be managed in any
way! So we must prepack as mutch as possible.

The problem is that we found virtualy no information about how to do
this! We were looking for some
libssh libraries on OpenSSH site - but find no sutch thing.

If anybody could take on sutch a task, to build a libssh from stuf
that are on OpenSSH and make some simple
example code, please get in contact with us.

Göran Hasse
Raditex AB
gorhas at

gorhas at
Mob: 070-5530148

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