please decrypt your manuals

Lars Nooden lars.curator at
Tue Apr 20 17:48:38 EST 2010

On Tue, 20 Apr 2010, Doru Georgescu wrote:
> I believe that ...

Let's not have speculation.

The scope for openssh manual pages is to address the components specific 
to the openssh suite.

The manuals are not remedial tutorials to cover the basics of system 
administration.  There are already whole websites dedicated to that 
level of training even if it might no longer be available at college.

You can submit a patch to the manuals or the source code if you have the 
skill to make changes and make a diff of your changes.  What happens to 
that patch after being submitted is a whole different matter. (*)


* FOSS projects are under no obligation to accept or integrate patches 
from random e-yobs regardless of how many Microsoft partners tell you 
otherwise at their pseudo-conferences, -seminars or other marketing 
functions.  Either the patch fits with the projects goals and quality 
guidelines or it does not.  If it does not, either the idea it is 
illustrating fits with the project goals or does not.

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