please decrypt your manuals

Doru Georgescu headset001 at
Wed Apr 21 22:31:06 EST 2010

> As you already pointed out - others also lack resources.


This is inefficient from the point of view of the project. 

Developers work outside a well written documentation, which should define what they are supposed to do. 

Developers work without a good reference at hand, defining what was already done. One of them did not know that ~/.ssh/known_hosts can be used by the server under version 2 of the protocol. It is not his fault. 

It is easy for a developer to document his work incrementally, while he knows what he did. A newcomer has to read the code. How would you feel to have to read the code of Linux, or at least bash, before you use it? 

For some out this world reason, developers provided a long list of absurd arguments in favour of the idea that the manual is very good as it is. The effort spent by them and by me with this sterile argumentation would have made the manual to be well organized at a high level already. 

ssh developers prefer to have 105 code and 15 manual instead of 100 code and 100 manual. In the end, some documentation still has to be written, to provide efficient transmission of information about the functionality of ssh. It is extremely costly to transmit it verbally, on an individual basis, or by the means of reading the code. In the meantime, we all waste the meager resources we have. 



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