prototype of simple NX client with auto-resuming ssh session

Misha Koshelev misha680 at
Wed Apr 21 22:17:35 EST 2010

Dear All:

Summary, especially for openssh list (to test/reproduce):
THANK YOU for all your help.
Please extract into /home/username/nx on both host and client. cp ssh to a file named mxssh in that directory. Run
(with an _n_ below)

Start server on the remote host by typing ./server &

Now do:
./nxssh hostname

If you killall client on the remote end, it reconnects "seamlessly" (I am using this to simulate ServerAliveInterval).

However, if I do this from _within_ the nxclient program it _detects_ my disconnect even though the thread is still running (I believe).

Any ideas?

Thank you

p.s. Also right now I have functionality to spawn the server directly from the client, but somehow the signal(SIGHUP,SIG_HUP) command causes _both_ the server and client to ignore SIGHUP, even though it is called _only_ in the client. Any ideas? Thank you!


Thank you so much for your help.

I have put my current prototype on the Web at:

Includes source code, and binary executables for amd64.

Right now, expects to live in the /home/username/nx folder on the remote machine (machine being connected to). Expects nx certificates in right places (/usr/NX).

The nxssh requires an ssh executable to be in the same directory called mxssh (say original nxssh from NoMachine or even plain old ssh for command line testing).

Currently, I
(1) get a _seamless_ connection from the command line
(2) nxclient somehow detects intermediate disconnects

Note the NX part works until a disconnect (I just do killall cient).

Thank you!

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