Segmentation Fault while compiling and installing openssh-3.9p1

Chris Wilson chris at
Fri Feb 5 20:04:28 EST 2010

Hi Vinay,

On Fri, 5 Feb 2010, vinay.purohit at wrote:

> I am trying to compile and install openssh-3.9p1 (with openssl-0.9.7j) 
> on my personal dev env to have a play. I get the below mentioned 
> segmentation fault message.

I'm not quite sure where you got the impression that people would give up 
their free time to debug a five-year old version of OpenSSH and a 
three-year old version of OpenSSL. I certainly wouldn't.

If you're reporting a bug in OpenSSH, you could at least do everyone the 
courtesy of trying with the latest version, to ensure that it's not a bug 
that's already been fixed in the last five years, and thus a complete 
waste of time to investigate and fix again.

Also you did not provide nearly enough information about your platform, 
nor a debugger backtrace of the segmentation fault.

Cheers, Chris.
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