FIPS186-3 and NIST SP800-57 support

Darren Tucker dtucker at
Tue Feb 16 18:29:46 EST 2010

Gerardo Petti wrote:
> I saw from OpenSSH man pages that the DSA key length must be 1024 bytes
> (according to the standard FIPS 186-2).
> According to the FIPS186-3 and NIST SP800-57, DSA key length could be
> greater than 1024 bytes (2048, 3072).

FIPS 186-3 also specifies hashes other than SHA-1 for key lengths >1024.

> Will OpenSSH be compliant with this new standard?

As far as DSA key length goes I think it's already compliant with FIPS 
186-3 as far as is possible within the SSH protocol spec.  See for details.

If you want keys stronger than 1024 bits then use RSA.

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