Outgoing IP of forwarded requests

k k isravibe at hotmail.com
Sat Jul 3 18:54:07 EST 2010

I have a linux server with 3 public IPs, and I use SSH tunnelling to connect to each of them.
Let's call them: (venet0:0), (venet0:1), (venet0:2).

When I tunnel using, outgoing IP for the public is:
But when I tunnel using or, the outgoing IP for the public is still

I've been googling for days, and tried relevant channels on freenode. I tried to read the manual but I'm not experienced enough to fully grasp it.

According to the manuals of ss5 (SOCKS5 Server) and squid (HTTP Server) - they're both capable of using the outgoing IP while specifying the inbound IP route relation.

openssh can't do it? nor there's a indirect workaround to achieve said behavior?

Hopes my issue is relevant/valid to your ML.
Doori Bar
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