Outgoing IP of forwarded requests

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Sun Jul 4 08:34:16 EST 2010

Hello Bob, thanks for the fast response and sorry for not making much sense.
When I said I was 'tunneling', I meant that I was executing:  "ssh -D 1234 user at" on my client (my client is local, where is remote).
Then, I would set-up my browser proxy, as SOCKS5,
Upon browsing with my local browser, it connects to: -> (SOCKS5) SSH TUNNEL -> -> SSH DAEMON -> Forwarded requests would use outgoing IP: Which means the websites I visit sees me as:
Now, the problem is, that even if I execute: "ssh -D 1234 user at" ... the outgoing IP which external websites see, is still (Now my issue makes more sense?)
Is it possible to make a relation between the inbound IP, to the outbound IP while forwarding requests? (inbound -> outbound
Now not directly related... I have a squid http proxy, which listens on all the public IPs.
When I set my browser to use: as my http proxy, external websites sees me as: While setting as the proxy, external websites sees me as:
I achieved this behavior by the configuration:
# TAG: tcp_outgoing_address
# Allows you to map requests to different outgoing IP addresses based on the username or source address of the user making the request.
I failed to find anything similar under the ssh daemon configurations, such configuration exists?
Again, very appreciate your help,
Doori Bar 		 	   		  
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