OpenSSH with "resumable" functionality

Andreas Gunnarsson andreas at
Wed Jun 16 04:04:47 EST 2010

On Wed, Jun 09, 2010 at 04:05:26PM -0700, Iain Morgan wrote:
> The recent discussion on this thread reminded me that I had intended to
> take a look at your patch. ;-)

Great, let me know if you find any problems.

> One solution would be to add the ability for ssh to automatically
> resume the session.

Yes, that shouldn't be too difficult to add. E.g. an option that
specifies the interval for retrying to resume when the session is

> An alternative would be to add a 'resume' command to ssh's -O option.

Yes, being able to send suspend and resume commands to the master
process could be useful. That makes it possible to do a controlled
suspend before switching IP address.

> Perhaps the -O support is already there, but I did not see it during my
> cursory skim of the man page updates in the patch.

It's not in the patch which was mentioned on this list. I don't want it
to be a moving target so I'm not going to add any features to it until
it's been audited and accepted. But please feel free to enhance it and
it can be added when/if this patch is committed.


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