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That could be handled by a shell setting ( this is bash ):
       TMOUT  If set to a value greater than zero, TMOUT is treated as the default timeout for the read builtin.  The select command
              terminates if input does not arrive after TMOUT seconds when input is coming  from  a  terminal.   In  an  interactive
              shell,  the  value  is  interpreted as the number of seconds to wait for input after issuing the primary prompt.  Bash
              terminates after waiting for that number of seconds if input does not arrive.

Do not get the nice "This session will log out in 60 seconds due to inactivity" message I've seen, but same end effect ( logged out on timeout ).


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> Hi
> Does OpenSSH have a feature in which a client gets kicked out after X minutes of inactivity (no keystrokes)?
> I have seen this on other SSH implementations but I don't see it in OpenSSH.
> Thnx!

No. There are the {Client,Server}Alive{CountMax,Interval} options which
are intended to detect dead connections, but nothing that strictly
corresponds to an idle timeout.

Iain Morgan
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