A question regarding file transfer loggin in OpenSSH

Jose C. Valles Martinez jose.valles at serviciosbancarios.com
Fri May 28 01:46:17 EST 2010

Hi all,


We are using ssh for file transfer through SCP and SFTP in a FreeBSD box,
and it works fine as expected. But from some days ago the customers are
requesting the logs of the transmissions, and we’ve just realized that the
sshd daemon doesn’t log the files copied to our server nor the downloaded


I’ve tried with all the debug levels of the sshd daemon, but nothing. It
logs a lot of messages in /var/log/ssh.log, but it doesn’t log the file


Could you please help us for logging these file transfers?


Thanks a lot and best regards,



Jose Vallés

Dept. Sistemas


93 247 71 17 (directo)

606 987 657 (móvil)



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