Suggestion for -G option for remote ports to be forwarded, analogous to -g option for local ports (-L) to be forwarded.

Michael Mess michael at
Tue Oct 26 21:35:40 EST 2010

When forwarding local ports with -L these ports can be made accessible
to the local net with the -g option.

For remote ports, forwarded with -R this option does not apply. It would
be nice to have a -G option which does the same on the remote machine
for the remote net, depending on the remote users rights.

On the server site it should be configurable, on which
networks/addresses the forwarded ports should be (un)available if the -G
option is specified, this should default to the remote users rights:
If the remote user (the user logged in on the remote site) can do a "ssh
-g", the local user should be able to use the -G option.
This would make sense, because a logged in remote user who can do "ssh
-g" could login to itself with "ssh -g", forwarding another port,
accessible by everywhere to the only local accessable port already
forwarded by the ssh session created when logging in from local to remote.



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