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Markus Duft mduft at
Wed Oct 27 20:19:37 EST 2010


Thanks for the suggestions. Attached is another version of the patch
for the second review round ;)

I tried to - as much as possible - use the same preprocessor syntax,
and - again, as much as possible - use the log infrastructure. however
the big fat INTERIX_PWD_WARNING must be written on stderr directly, as
even with error(), it won't appear if the _server_ is not at least in
verbose mode (one -v), which is not what i want. anything i missed there?

the rest is pretty much the same, but without buffer overflow, with
added configure check for res_query - and thus a feature flag, etc ;)

(BTW: now subscribed to the list, so i should be able to reply on future
 mails - sorry for breaking the thread ... )

Regards, and thanks,
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