Bug: openssh-4.3p2-72.el5_6.3.src.rpm

Vinay Nagrik vnagrik at gmail.com
Thu Jul 7 08:14:42 EST 2011

Hello Group,
I downloaded openssh-4.3p2-72.el5_6.3.src.rpm   built the rpm and installed
However, sshd daemon does not start when the host comes up.
When I try to start it manually it says
*Starting sshd: Auto configuration failed
29545 Error: 0E065068 configuration file routine: STR_COPY: variable
has no value:
conf_def.c:629: line 233
and when I try to login from outside it fails.  Obviously because
daemon has not started.

*The system works flawlessly with the old version of openssh i.e.*

I think it is a bug.  Has anyone encountered the similar problem.  Please



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