How to compile OpenSSH on HP-UX10

Bryan brakeb at
Wed Jul 13 11:33:19 EST 2011

I did this as a project back in the early 2002, and I had a nice
little how-to to walk me through it.  Many work places and moves, and
I've lost it.  I have a friend who asked me about this recently, and I
can't seem to find anything on the web, or the how-to I used (not

If I remember correctly, you needed an up-to-date zlib, egd (or prng),
OpenSSL, tcpwrappers, and OpenSSH.

Have I forgotten anything?  I remember you had to build zlib, then
egd, then it gets fuzzy.

He wants to enable FIPS as well.  I've built OpenSSL/OpenSSH with fips
for Windows, but is something like that possible with HP-UX?

if anyone has a how-to with directions, my friend (and I) would
appreciate.  I don't have access to that horrid OS anymore, so I can't
help him short of what I gave him...  which isn't much..

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