How to compile OpenSSH on HP-UX10

Andy Tsouladze andyb1 at
Wed Jul 13 11:55:41 EST 2011

> If I remember correctly, you needed an up-to-date zlib, egd (or prng),
> OpenSSL, tcpwrappers, and OpenSSH.

It's been quite a few years since I touched HP-UX, but here is what comes 
to mind:

> Have I forgotten anything?  I remember you had to build zlib, then
> egd, then it gets fuzzy.

You do need zlib and openssl.  tcp-wrappers are not required, so you need 
this only if you want to use them.  Openssh does not absolutely need 
egd/prng - it can generate entropy from a predefined set of system 
processes (ps, netstat, etc.) - but if you can, you should get prng.

Besides, you will need a compiler and related tools.  The compilermust be 
other than the one used for the kernel.  So it is either HP-UX C compiler, 
if you have a license for it, or GCC.  If you do not have HP-UX C 
compiler, in all likelihood you also miss all header files.  They are not 
installed by default unless you install buy and install the compiler.  So 
you have to install header files separately.

On the other hand, I remember there used to be very good repositories of 
precompiled freeware tools for HP-UX.  It might be easier to use them.
Here is one:



> He wants to enable FIPS as well.  I've built OpenSSL/OpenSSH with fips
> for Windows, but is something like that possible with HP-UX?
> if anyone has a how-to with directions, my friend (and I) would
> appreciate.  I don't have access to that horrid OS anymore, so I can't
> help him short of what I gave him...  which isn't much..
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