How to compile OpenSSH on HP-UX10

Bob Proulx bob at
Wed Jul 13 13:20:55 EST 2011

Andy Tsouladze wrote:
> Openssh does not absolutely need egd/prng - it can generate entropy
> from a predefined set of system processes (ps, netstat, etc.) - but
> if you can, you should get prng.

Check your HP-UX for /dev/random and /dev/urandom as this has been
patched into most of the recent versions.  I just checked an 11.11
machine and it had it available now.  I don't recall when this feature
became available there but it is quite possible that you won't need
egd or prngd anymore.

> On the other hand, I remember there used to be very good
> repositories of precompiled freeware tools for HP-UX.  It might be
> easier to use them.
> Here is one:

Of course.  As in I would agree with your statement too.  But of
course /someone/ must be able to compile it.  :-)


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