Yes/No Pedantic Patch

Joshua Teitelbaum joshuat at
Thu Jul 14 13:12:00 EST 2011

Hello developers.
I have made a yes/no 'pedantic' patch that affects how ssh command line and
other agents that employ yes/no prompts interpret results.

The nature of the patch is the following:
When prompted with things like:
./ssh  localhost
The authenticity of host 'localhost (' can't be established.
RSA key fingerprint is 36:f3:12:f4:20:5b:a5:22:31:01:d7:a8:5e:88:93:a3.
Are you sure you want to continue connecting (yes/no)?

Mr Jeffery Paul (sneak) thought it would be nice to just be able to type 'y'
or 'n' respectively in lieu of the full yes/no.
The patch I made affords yes/no prompts to be answered with single character
y/n behavior as the default while affording both a new command line option
-E and config file option y_n_pedantic 0|1to preserve the long form.

May I send someone the patch I made for review?
Is this a good idea?

In closing I love ssh.
The world does.
Jeffrey Paul does, but he's terse :)

-- NOW 100% defunct!

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