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Thanks for the feedback. In fact, most of the "hidden" features (e.g.
tunneling) are planned for the future versions. Regarding other feedback:

1.       Regarding the drag-and-drop upload and the current directory, it is
actually supported as long as your shell reports the current directory via
the tab caption.

2.       Thanks for the full screen/thin border suggestion, I will put it to
the feature list.

3.       Too many tabs is in fact a limitation of the server side and
overcoming it would require having multiple sessions per window, that is
currently not supported.

4.       The idea behind public keys is having one automatically managed
public key per client machine (the users can still manually select explicit
key files). As only the public part is stored on the remote servers, this
imposes no security risk and makes most use scenarios less complicated.


Anyway, thanks again for all feedback and suggestions. You can watch out for
future versions via our twitter:



Best regards,

Ivan Shcherbakov


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Also, the built-in xming stuff looks pretty awesome - though sadly I can't
try it out as I haven't got any servers running X.




On Sun, Dec 9, 2012 at 3:19 PM, Cal Leeming [Simplicity Media Ltd]
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Hi Ivan,

Here is the negative feedback;


* No support for pageant keys..

* No support for PPK keys (putty)

* "upload a file / download a file etc" does not default to the directory
you are currently in on the shell (this would be a *really* neat feature)

* Doesn't have as many hidden features as putty (tunnelling etc)

* Really thick border around the shell window in non maximized mode is very
off-putting (nearly twice as thick as putty)

* No 'true' full screen (i.e. full screen that gets rid of the title bar,
and puts you into no distractions mode).

* "manage public key" does not offer ability to manage multiple keys

* Opening too many tabs will result in "LIBSSH2_ERROR_CHANNEL_FAILURE"

* Tabs will only connect to the same server.. being able to have tabs across
multiple servers is a must.


Here is a positive feedback;


* The idea of "set up public key auth and do not ask for pw again" is pretty
neat, I like this :)

* "manage public key" is really quite nice..

* The tabs windows are really nice


The thing this is *really* missing (imho) is "drag/drop upload support". For
example, you cd into a directory on the shell, you drag a file into the
window, and it uploads the file into that directory for you. For years I've
been saying how awesome it would be if putty had this feature.


Although there is more negative than positive, I *really* quite like this
product and I think it's got a lot of potential.


Keep up the good work, I look forward to seeing your next release (please do
put me on your mailing list for release announcements)




On Sun, Dec 9, 2012 at 1:51 PM, Ivan Shcherbakov <ivan at> wrote:

Dear All,

I just wanted to announce another free SSH client on Windows capable of
working with OpenSSH.

The too is called SmarTTY and is available via

Could you guys please reference it at the Win32 alternatives page

Best regards,

Ivan Shcherbakov

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