Another SSH client on Windows

Michael Loftis mloftis at
Mon Dec 10 08:09:31 EST 2012

On Sun, Dec 9, 2012 at 12:13 PM, Bob Rasmussen <ras at> wrote:

> On Sun, 9 Dec 2012, Ivan Shcherbakov wrote:
> > ...
> > 1.       Regarding the drag-and-drop upload and the current directory,
> it is
> > actually supported as long as your shell reports the current directory
> via
> > the tab caption.
> What does this mean? I am not aware of any means by which the client can
> determine the Current Working Directory of the session on the server,
> particularly if it changes.

XWindows/xterm set title escape sequence I'd imagine.
 "\033]0;<string>\033\\" or in english.. ESC ] 0;blah ESC \ -- then the
title becomes "blah" -- there's a bit of disagreement about what the end
sequence should be, xterm IIRC takes both the BEL (^G) and the ESC \
sequence, but screen only takes the ESC \ sequence. There's documentation
in the console_codes(4) man page on most Linux distro's.

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