Another SSH client on Windows

Peter Stuge peter at
Mon Dec 10 12:49:46 EST 2012

Cal Leeming [Simplicity Media Ltd] wrote:
> Here is the negative feedback;
> * No support for pageant keys..

The libssh2 agent API supports pageant already, so this should be an
easy addition.

> * "upload a file / download a file etc" does not default to the directory
> you are currently in on the shell (this would be a *really* neat feature)

Come on, think about this for a second, and I'm sure you will realize
why this is not possible to do in the general case.

> * Opening too many tabs will result in "LIBSSH2_ERROR_CHANNEL_FAILURE"

As was mentioned this is the server rejecting your new channel.

> The thing this is *really* missing (imho) is "drag/drop upload support".
> For example, you cd into a directory on the shell, you drag a file into the
> window, and it uploads the file into that directory for you. For years I've
> been saying how awesome it would be if putty had this feature.

So start looking at, or even thinking about, what is required to do
it, and start sending patches. Again, you'll find that a general
solution is not possible.


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