Damien Miller djm at
Mon Dec 10 16:41:51 EST 2012

On Sun, 9 Dec 2012, Harry Davidson wrote:

> Hello,
> I have downloaded, built and installed version 6.1p1 on Ubuntu 12.04LTS.
> I want to use
> AllowTcpForwarding=remote
> AllowTcpForwarding=local

These are only supported in the unreleased snapshot versions.

> As the manual page for sshd_config says OpenBSD at the top, I guess
> this is a BSD facility. Is it likely to be implemented in the portable
> version? Or has it already, and I am being thick?

The OpenBSD manpages served on are for the current
development version.

You're welcome to try the snapshots if you need this feature sooner than
our next release (early next year, most likely). You can find them via 

We try to keep the development version stable at all times, but the
snapshots are not as heavily tested as the release versions. That being
said, Ubuntu 12.04 is one of the platforms I regularly run the regress
suite on.


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