Potential memory leak in sshd [detected by melton]

Ángel González keisial at gmail.com
Mon Feb 6 08:02:58 EST 2012

On 04/02/12 02:55, Zhenbo Xu wrote:
> The url below is the index of bug reports that are checked as real
> bugs manually.
> http://lcs.ios.ac.cn/~xuzb/bugsfound/memleak/openssh-5.9p1/realbugs/sshd/index.html
> Shall we fix these bugs? Or just let them go since they are not so serious?
> Hope for your replies!
The third error
Logic error    Memory leak    monitor.i    13658    3
seems like a good catch.
There should be a call to buffer_free(&logmsg); before the return -1 of

Although it only happens if the client closed the socket, in which case
the next poll of
line 13702 should fail and monitor_read_log never called again.
So it probably only leaks once.

Attaching fix.

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