Potential memory leak in sshd [detected by melton]

Ángel González keisial at gmail.com
Mon Feb 6 08:11:34 EST 2012

On 05/02/12 21:51, Ángel González wrote:
> The second leak
> Logic error 	Memory leak 	session.i 	13193 	13 	View Report
> <http://lcs.ios.ac.cn/%7Exuzb/bugsfound/memleak/openssh-5.9p1/realbugs/sshd/report-zSMfqI.html#EndPath>
> http://lcs.ios.ac.cn/~xuzb/bugsfound/memleak/openssh-5.9p1/realbugs/sshd/report-zSMfqI.html#EndPath
> is a false positive.
> The only way to exit the infinite loop is the return of line 13267.
> And line 13266 calls session_close(), which frees s->auth_data in line
> 14994.

The fifth one is a duplicate of this (same path, but the variable
allocated on next line).
12th one is the same issue of freeing at session_close not detected. But
this time with s->auth_display

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