openssh client on Windows 7 key auth issue

Oleksandr Yeremko yeremko at
Sat Feb 11 03:51:52 EST 2012

Dear All,

could anybody be so kind and explain me such situation:

I set up OpenSSH client on Windows 7.
Then I generated keys pair by 'ssh-keygen -t dsa' and with empty (no)
Then I inserted appropriate info into authorized_keys file on my Unix host.
But when I try to connect to my Unix host 'ssh' asks for passphrase
for 'id_dsa' and than wants to authenticate by password because
'publickey method is refused - no passphrase is given'.

I have no such situation in Windows XP - everything is OK there.

What is the problem with Windows 7?

Thank you for your time and your help,

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