Call for testing: OpenSSH-6.0

Dag-Erling Smørgrav des at
Tue Feb 21 02:17:54 EST 2012

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Damien Miller <djm at> writes:
> OpenSSH 6.0 is almost ready for release, so we would appreciate testing
> on as many platforms and systems as possible. This release contains a
> couple of new features and changes and bug fixes. Testing of the new
> sandboxed privilege separation mode (see below) would be particularly
> appreciated.

openssh-SNAP-20120221 fails to build on FreeBSD 9 and 10: the configure
script incorrectly concludes that FreeBSD doesn't have openpty(3), and
bsd-openpty.c doesn't build on FreeBSD.  See

The same snapshot builds fine and passes all tests on 8.2p3.

BTW, what about my ssh-agent reference-counting patch?  :)

Dag-Erling Smørgrav - des at

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