Solaris BSM audit support

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Thanks for responding.
Yes. We are software vendor (
I have several customers asked me about this - they would like to use openssh rather than Sun's stock sshd which has other (unrelated) issues.
BSM is the issue that stands in the way right now.
They saw the experimental designation, and just backed off, hence the email to you.
So, I think the point is if they run into issue, can they (or we) get some help to look into it and possibly get fix.

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> Does anyone know if openssh has removed the experimental designation for  BSM audit support for Solaris systems?
> If so, which release, please.

No, but it's been present in the code for a long time.  I no longer have cause to use it, but if folks pipe up report that they a) use it and b) it works then we can probably remove it.

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